Food Safety

Food Safety is a top priority at WP Rawl and we utilize a third party audited Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program. This process assures adequate steps are taken to manage growing, harvesting, washing, processing, packing, distributing and tracking to deliver the highest quality and safest food possible. 


Field Safety Operations

Our growing fields are part of a Field Audit Program that includes data management regarding land usage, seed varieties, fertilizer history, pesticide controls, water supply sources, employee hygiene practices and harvest records. Both field employees and production foreman are trained on proper food safety protocols to ensure compliance with all HACCP practices. 

  • GFSI / Primus GFS Certified
  • Organic Certified


Packing and Processing Operations 

Food safety protocols continue in our packing and processing facilities with automated chlorinated washing systems, cold chain management, and regular microbial testing by outside laboratories. In addition, we are in the process of adding an on-site testing lab to increase our frequency of testing and further advance our HACCP programs. 

  • GFSI / Primus GFS Certified
  • Organic Certified


To learn more about our certifiers click on the links below: 

Primus GFS: 




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