Commitment to Sustainability 
At WP Rawl, we understand that sustainability is a continual process that requires ongoing changes and review of processes to understand opportunities. To this end we have created our “Off the Grid” sustainability team to guide our company in seeking out sustainable goals and developing full-circle operations. 


Mission Statement 
The sustainability team of WP Rawl is committed to employing sustainable practices and processes focused on creating full-circle WP Rawl operations within all areas of sustainability. 


Areas of Focus - Achievements and On-going Projects

  • Farming
    • Fertilizer Reduction of 25%
    • Irrigation Efficiency Increased by 25%
    • Cover Crops, Wind Strips and Field Borders



  • Cover Crops: Wildflowers contribute to biodiversity, offer food and shelter for beneficial insects and flower pollinators, protect against soil erosion and beautify the landscape.
  • Wind Strips: Reduces wind erosion by reducing the wind speed on the surface of the soil and the distance the wind travels across exposed summer fallow.


  • Field Borders: Provide food and habitat to many animal species including the bobwhite quail. They also protect the field from erosion and human elements such as the runoff of herbicides.
    • Pesticide Container Recycling
    • Integrated Pest Management Program
    • Beneficial Insects and Wildflowers
  • Distribution/Warehouse
    • Motion Sensor Lighting Installed
    • Computerized HVAC Controls
    • Energy Efficient Lighting Installed
    • Ice Machines Running in off Peak Hours Only
    • Heat Exchanger
    • Recycling: Iron, Scrap Metal and Oil
  • Processing
    • Corrugated Box Recycling
    • Box Size Reductions
    • Bag Size Reductions
    • Down Gauging Film Structures
    • Redesigned Process Flow to Minimize Equipment and Reduce Consumption of Energy
  • Transportation
    • New OTR Fleet
    • Satellite Tracking and Routing Guides
    • Recycling: Tires, Oil and Batteries
    • APU Implementation
    • Idle Cutoff’s
  • Office Operations
    • Motion Sensor Lights Installed
    • Recycling: Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum and Ink Toner
    • Electronic Invoicing
  • Employee and Community Involvement
    • WP Rawl is committed to teaching and becoming leaders in their community as well as to their employees. 
  • Future Sustainability Goals
    • Reduce Processing Water Consumption by 2%
    • Improve Production Scheduling Efficiency
    • Reduce Energy Usage by 5-10%
    • Warehouse Relighting Project
    • Waste at 99-100% Recycling of:
      • Films
      • Plastic Bags
      • Corrugated Boxes
      • Processing By-Product by Retiling Into Soil
    • Remove Gas Forklifts Replace With Battery Lifts



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