Why Recycle

For the future.

For four generations the WP Rawl family has grown vegetables that are not only good for our bodies,but good for the environment too. The value of sustainability and the notion of not being wasteful was something the founders of our company (and grandparents) instilled in us at an early age.

For Future
For Enviornment

For the environment.

Our Nature’s Greens® line of leafy greens reflect our continued work to deliver farm fresh foods that meet consumers needs for convenience, health and environmental sustainability. After a few years of research and testing, we are proud to announce that our leafy greens packaging is now recyclable via Store Drop-off.

Recycle Steps

Recycling our bags gives them a second life.

When you recycle our leafy greens packaging properly, they are given a second life and turned into composite building materials for things like park benches and patio decks.

Second life 2

Nature's Greens Introduces Recyclable Packaging!

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