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Welcome to the Leafy Greens Party! We are dedicated to providing you with the tools to incorporate fresh leafy greens into your daily lives. With these additions you will be inspired to live a fresher life and optimize your overall wellness. The Leafy Greens Party is a fun spin on the current election year — with an official vote at the end of October. So stay tuned throughout the year as our two candidates provide great new recipes, tips, and info based on their campaign goals!
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To eat or not to eat?
This is a daily, nagging question for most people. We believe that mindful eating is a wonderful way any person can enjoy and celebrate food. Craving some leafy greens? Great! Want some of that apple pie? Fine by us! With a better understanding of your personal relationship with food, you will be more at peace & confident with what you eat, especially during the holidays.
It's not about getting it right, it's about getting better.
Our mission is to give you simple, practical information about self-care and grocery planning so that you can live your best life in this new decade. Together, we can learn new ways to meal plan, grocery shop, and store food — like leafy greens — to create more space and less waste.
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Latest news from the campaign trail!
Check out the most recent information related to the Leafy Greens Party campaign, via the Rawl blog.
Can A Good Diet Be An Answer to Mental Health?

We all know that eating healthy is good for us in so many ways. From keeping a healthy weight, to protecting our eyesight, to even helping our hair grow! But, did you know that a nutrient dense diet is also crucial in maintaining good mental health?

Every cell in our body is fed by the nutrients we eat. So it’s no wonder that the neurons, hormones, and cells involved in our mental health are also protected by healthy eating.

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